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How to work the cast iron like a pro

I love the Bon Appetit, Epicurious and now the Basically websites, actually all cooking websites, I could spend hours on the computer just looking up recipes. Anyway, I have seen this cast iron pizza so many times and we are usually not doing carbs so I have never attempted to make it. (don't get me wrong I have eaten a lot of pizza) Just haven't had much luck with making pizza at home. So I decided to try it. First making dough scares me, the yeast and the warm water, just haven't mastered that. It happened the dough did not rise.......when my husband Chuck got home we started over and we did it, pizza dough!! So it was a labor of love we put the corn meal in the bottom of a hot cast iron pan, added dough, sauce, lots of cheese and pop it in the oven. Take it out after about 20 min and top with crushed red pepper flakes and some fresh basil. It was pretty good but we both agreed a hot brick oven pizza out with a couple beers is better. I love cast iron pans!!

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