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Fall is here...calling all chili fans!

I love a good chili. One of my favorites a white chicken chili. Shana and I would make that once a month when we lived together. With a lot of cheese even Maranda would eat it :0

Chuck and I in our adventures for new places to eat here in Richmond stumbled across and place called Wood and Iron. The bartender Emily said the place is fairly new. We were there on a Sunday and it wasn't very crowded so we got to ask a lot of questions. We wanted a little something to eat but not a big lunch so we shared a bowl of chili. It came out with queso on top, sour cream on the side and fresh made tortilla chips.....YUM!

Well, of course I have to duplicate it. The description said, pulled pork, ground beef, chorizo and sausage that's a lot of meat.

I have some pulled pork left over from last weeks taco's so I'm giving it a try. So excited!!

Recipes to follow......

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