• Sally

Carolina Gold

I love Charleston, not only because my daughter lives there but it is such a fun place to visit. The southern charm, the food, the weather, the beach and the history. When Dana and I recently met up there she rented a little beach house called Billie's bungalow. So cute and comfy and 2 blocks from Folly beach.

The weather was perfect for a walk into town on the beach. Our first full day in Charleston we did a tour of the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. What a great lesson in history. In the 1700's enslaved African Americans tended crops of rice, women had the task of hulling the rice they worked from sun up to sun down and lived in small wood cabins with no furnishing just a straw mat to sleep on. They have 4 of the original cabins on the property. The rice made South Carolina one of the riches colonies of that time. The property is beautifully landscaped, it is full of swamp land and we saw alligators, turtles and assorted water birds.

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