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For the love of cast iron...

I never used cast iron pans that much when I first started cooking. I have really started to love them in the last 3-4 years. My dear friends Kim and Jay gave me two when I moved to Mercer Island and Chuck has a big one that barely fits on the burner but I use it all the time. The key to cast iron is you have to keep them seasoned. We keep a small jar of Crisco just for that purpose.

Cleaning a cast iron is simple once it is seasoned. When cleaning a cast iron never, never ever use soap. Just a little scrubber and water. Then dry out the pan, put on the burning and heat to medium rub a little Crisco with a paper towel, it will smoke a little, turn off burner, let cool and put away for the next use.

My favorite things to cook in the cast iron are corn bread, browning a roast for pot roast, searing a steak or scallops or chicken. I recently made a cast iron pizza, I am still perfecting that recipe.

cast iron

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