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Road Trip

First stop Williamsburg, VA. Founded as the original capital of the Virginia colony in 1699. One of the first planned cities in the colonies. The capital was moved to Richmond in 1780. The restoration of Williamsburg began in 1926. Today it is known as the premier center for preservation of American colonial history. I found Maranda's street! What a beautiful day.......

Next stop was to visit the base were dad was stationed as a helicopter mechanic in the 1950's. Fort Eustis. Happy Veterans day dad! Of course we can't get in the base, Chuck thought maybe we could try dropping dad's name, Ralph Norton, see if that worked but we just pulled off and ran across the road to the BIG sign :)

Ok, we continued down the coast to Hampton, pretty big city, between the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay. There is the worlds first bridge-tunnel first opened in 1957 crossing the mouth of the Hampton Roads harbor the gateway to Chesapeake Bay.

On to Virginia Beach....

It's beautiful but cold, 38 degrees, but lots of people and dogs walking the beaches.

Walked the beach, then walked all around town looking for a place to have some good seafood.

I have never had oysters and its really popular here like in Seattle. So hear it goes....

Really enjoyed them. Our bartender was an "expert" apparently and they were really good!

On to our walk down the boardwalk. They have a Air force statue memorial and a statue of the King of the Sea. I think it would be fun to come here when its a little warmer, already looking into March.

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