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Seattle sisters week

For 9 days I had lunches, parties, dinners, beaches, sisters, friends and lots and lots of LOVE! I just got back from Seattle for a well deserved vacation funded by my two besties, my sisters Julie and Shana. I could not dream of a better week, it was fantastic!

We ended the week on the beach in Westport at Shana's new Airbnb home, its beautiful and available for rent starting in April, check it out. You will have to cut and paste this link....


Virginia Mason Christmas party was a highlight, as well as lunch with my little sis Jan and a surprise dinner with my daughter Kitty. Sunday night dinner with my niece Maranda and her girlfriend Savy.

All and all it was a week for the record books!

A huge thank you for Jim for driving Big Red all week so I could have Julie's car to drive. To Julie and Jim for making there house so welcoming.

Of course the sisters, Shana and Julie for a relaxing wonderful weekend on the beach.......I love you all so much!!

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