• Sally

Jazzy Treadmill

This awesome apartment we live in has a great gym. I've been working out on the treadmill. When I first started I was bored. My friend Dana and I did jazzercise for years on Mercer Island and that was fun and a great workout. So I came up with a playlist and started doing a cross between walking on the treadmill and jazzercise. If you can picture a little dancing and punching, arms up and walking to the music or dancing. It takes a little balance but it's really fun. I asked Chuck to video tape it but I think it would look stupid if you couldn't hear the music.

I was going to try and download my playlist but I don't if it's for everyone. Any exercise helps not my waistline as much as my mental health well being.

Here's my stats. It's a mile and a half burned 247 calories. Just dancing on the treadmill. Wahoo!!!

If you want the playlist I can email it to you let me know. Now what's for lunch!!

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