• Sally

Washington DC

Chuck and I went to DC for Easter weekend. My first time. I wanted to see the White House and all the historical buildings. Little did I know it was such a big city! I was in awe.....the history, the most beautiful buildings, all the government offices, the FBI, Department of Archived records, WW2 memorial and my favorite the Lincoln Memorial.

And then there was the food, so many restaurants and you needed reservations for everything!

We went to Joe's famous Prime and Stone crab, very fancy and wonderful service.

Delicious claws, served with a Dijon mustard sauce, I was in heaven. Here are some beautiful pictures of the city.

The White House. The reason there are no people in front of it is they cleared the area, police and secret service cleared the whole street and had yellow police tape. It was all so exciting! After 1/2 hour they just let everyone back across, I will never know why it was cleared......but it made for a great picture.

The nations capital. The cherry blossoms were not quite in bloom but the magnolias were.

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