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Making new friends with Northwest cooking.

One of my favorite NW recipe is crab cakes. I did perfect them at home and made them for lots of friends and family. Chuck and I have made some new friends, its not hard here in Mooresville, everyone is so friendly. We invited a couple over for dinner on Saturday night. Preston and Crystal.

Now we love to entertain and haven't had to many chances since we have been here. I wanted to do a NW theme for our North Carolina friends.

So Chuck and I planned the menu for a week.

It started with some Shrimp Cocktail, you know if you've had them with us, Chuck makes a delicious Shrimp Cocktail and I make the sauce. Then I make some NW clam chowder, so good and satisfying. That's not all.....I make Salmon cakes instead of crab cakes. You know we haven't been able to find good crab here, well we were so spoiled in Seattle with Daniel being a fisherman and all the Dungeness crab there on the West Coast. I used the recipe for crab cakes from the Simply Classic cookbook and just baked up a fillet of salmon and substituted that for crab.

I have to tell you they were the highlight of the dinner. Chuck made the orange sauce to go with it and it was divine!!

new friends

Thank you Preston and Crystal for joining us for a wonderful, fun evening!!

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