• Sally Zimmermann

2021 healthy, happy, new year

Chicken soup always makes me feel warm, healthy, satisfied. So after a few days of not feeling well I got out the dutch oven and made some chicken soup, just the smell of it, cooking the rich broth and adding lots of veggies and love always makes me feel better.

The holidays were so quiet for Chuck and I. We hunkered down, ate good food, took some walks, watched some movies and stayed healthy.

This new year brings us hope, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be getting my vaccine soon, my dad is getting his next week and hope all my friends and family get theirs soon as well.

Make some chicken soup for the soul.....

Made cinnamon rolls over the weekend and my friend, coworker, Ashley that lives here at langtree is my taste tester, they were sooooo good!

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